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Silent Mentor Program

The Silent Mentor Program in TCU is an innovative way to teach anatomy. Students take part in classes and ceremonies; they gain knowledge and learn the selfless giving on behalf of donors through this involvement students’ altruistic spirits are cultivated.

Students visit donor’s family before the class and get to know the donor; students attend the opening ceremony, place the donor in the casket right after completing the course. The last day, students participate in burial ceremonies offering gratuity and showing humility.

Donors leave a legacy of love and greatly benefit society. Students gain medical knowledge and skill as they learn to care for their future patients and patient’s families.

The Silent Mentor program offers endoscopic training to familiarize students with surgical skills. Most importantly, it enables seventh year medical students to enhance their basic clinical skills and confidence to properly prepare them to serve others.

The homepage of this program in the Medical Simulation Center can be found in the following link:

The Silent Mentor Program.


5SICU IMG_8912流程圖


Longitudinal Integrated Medical Humanities

  •  Year 1-2 Medical humanity & its practice: visiting disadvantaged families in groups.
  • Year 3 Silent Mentor Humanities & Interpersonal communication: SP communication practice.
  • Year 4 Medical Ethics and Law: interactive small groups team-based learning (TBL).
  • Year 5-6 Clinical Ethic & Communication: communication (SP-angry patient, telling the bad news…), ethics (small group clinical scenario discussion), humanities (role-model, facebook + appreciating inquiry), service learning (volunteer overseas service).