History and Mission

Tzu Chi University (TCU) was originally founded as Tzu Chi Medical College based on the principles of Kind, Compassion, Joy, and Giving in 1994 by Dharma Master Chen Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation. The Medical College gained its university status in year 2000, and thus was renamed as Tzu Chi University. The School of Medicine was among the first departments established right in the start.

The TCU School of Medicine is famous for its exceptional teaching quality, and its strong support from the Tzu Chi Foundation, currently a member NGO at the United Nation’s ECOSOC. The Medical School also has close relationships with 6 Tzu Chi Hospitals around Taiwan, including 1 medical center and 3 teaching hospitals, which make the TCU Medical School one of the best resourced medical schools in Taiwan. Since 2008, the TCU has been contentiously  funded by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan under the project of “Teaching and Learning Excellence Program". With the tremendous supports from the Tzu Chi Foundation, Tzu Chi University, and Taiwan Ministry of Education, we believe that we are capable of further improving and diversifying our ways of teaching to meet the challenge from constantly changing environments and world standards of medical education.

In addition to our outstanding teaching quality, the TCU School of Medicine also takes the responsibility to play the leading role in basic and clinical bio-medical researches in eastern Taiwan.

The Mission of TCU Medical School is to educate and train medical doctors with highest standard professional practice techniques and minds of humanity. We expect our graduates to play positive roles in contributing Taiwanese society and the world as a whole in the 21st century.


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